29 December 2017

The Road to Nowhere

It's official: odious homophobe and reactionary arch-conservative Roy Moore has officially lost the race for Alabama's open Senate seat (details here). The election was officially certified yesterday.

Moore had attempted at the last minute to stop the certification by petitioning for an emergency restraining order, but that attempt was slapped down by a state judge of Moore's own party. The Alabama GOP seems to want to see the back of Moore out the door.

The hateful Moore has close to zero chance of any recourse now. He could try to get a federal judge to stop his victorious opponent, Doug Jones, from being seated in the Senate, but the chances of that are less than slim.

Moore attempted to claim massive voter fraud in filing his emergency petition before the court but provided utterly no credible proof. He actually tried to claim that a high voter turnout was proof of fraud. It's called democracy, Roy.

As one prominent election law expert stated: Moore's argument amounted to "I should have won under the exit poll and all of this voting by African-Americans must show fraud" (link here).

Moore could appear as a candidate in another election soon, but that might be for a statewide race next year. At least he won't be terrorizing Washington.

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  1. INCREDIBLE that this bigot ultra religious pedophile could even try to oppose to the out coming of a democratic election.

    For sure, in Alabama as some southern states, black votes are not well considered. Black people are still second zone citizens. This is such retrograde thinking.

    AND most of all trying to make believe that the election was fraude by some importation of black or latinos frome other states... Poor minded man this Moore.

    It's more than time that your election system makes a 21st century turn.
    For a nation that sent men on the moon and is such a super power in technology, your voting system is from the 19th century.


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