17 December 2017

Guilty Behavior

Donald Trump once again walked himself into a controversial firestorm when he trashed the Federal Bureau of Administration because it is currently conducting a criminal investigation into him and his associates, only hours before a pre-scheduled visit to the FBI (details here).

One has to wonder why Trump is doing this. Does he think he's convincing anyone? Based on numerous surveys, a clear majority of Americans support Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation of Trump, in which the FBI plays a part.

As Think Progress noted, Trump lied at least seven times during a ninety-second stretch of his rant (link here). Their piece succinctly lists each significant lie and then rebuts them with facts.

As many have noted, if Trump is indeed innocent as he claims, he would bend over backwards to assist the FBI. He would also, as all of his predecessors have done, choose not to say anything during the investigation, other than a simple statement like "I am fully cooperating with all relevant authorities and will make no further comments until the investigation is completed."

Instead, by constantly throwing stones at the FBI, he only makes himself look more and more guilty. The FBI has taken down countless hardened criminals and mobsters in their day, so his threats against the agency is nothing short of waving a red flag in front of them, encouraging them to continue their criminal investigation.

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