05 December 2017

False Prophet

Vox published a fascinating interview yesterday (link here) featuring an anti-Trump Christian conservative lamenting about how so many allegedly religious people support the amoral and corrupt Donald Trump. Christian conservatives are the only voting block that still strongly back the President.

The interview subject boils down the reason to a simple equation: Christian conservatives back Trump because they hope he'll deliver on their "values" agenda of anti-abortion and anti-LGBT actions.

Some quotes from the piece to give you an idea of what this bloke thinks of Christian conservatives who voted for Trump:

"I think some of them did just sell out for power. There's no question."

"Many of them who have essentially traded the moral high ground for access have stepped down from their lofty pulpit, their lofty positions, and have therefore opened themselves up to criticism. They’re supposed to be representatives of God, of Christian morality. To the extent that they merely become power brokers, they deserve the beating they get."

"They have risked a great deal, and they've bet on a horse that's rather unstable."

This quote, in particular, is noteworthy:

"They have bet the farm on Donald Trump. They’ve taken a tremendous risk, and if Donald Trump betrays their vision, which he's already done in some matters, then their banner may be driven from the field of cultural debate for a generation or more. They will simply not be heard, because they are standing with him no matter what he does. They're too far in now to back away from him and distance themselves."

I'm not a religious person, but for the sake of argument, let's just say Trump is an instrument of Satan. Christian conservatives have handcuffed themselves to him because they think he's going to deliver on their issues.

But if Trump has a mighty fall, which is exactly what Satan would want, then the President's disgrace will drag Christian conservatives down with him into the sewer, something the lord of darkness would also desire.

It fascinates me that some Christians have made this connection and others have not. Christianity has long warned of false prophets, yet many so-called Christians seem to be ignoring that warning for their own self gain by backing Trump.

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  1. OMG!
    I'm not surprised of it.
    As long as you, Americans, are putting religion fanatic to rule your lives, USA will be no better than the Islamic ultra conservative countries.

    There is no such blind people than the ones that don't want to open their eyes.

    Last week I finally viewed the movie «Hidden Figures» and I was outraged to see how those black genious women were treated by NASA's men. Yes it was in the 60's but in such a Christian country, those women were mistreated so badly even if their work were crucial for the space conquest.
    John Glenn was so right to put his trust on their calculations not on the early IBM computer.

    All this to say that USA to me ISN'T the LAND of LIBERTY or a country that is respectful of ALL its people, no matter sex, race or faith.

    It's more than time to get rid of any RELIGIOUS influence on national politics.
    Otherwise, you're not better than the Islamic ultra religious countries that you fight.
    You're not a real democracy, almost a «theocracy».


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