27 December 2017

Worse Than Imagined

Eugene Robinson at The Washington Post wrote a great column earlier this week (link here) with the title "Trump’s first year was even worse than feared."

I can't say I feared what Donald Trump would do but I certainly imagined he'd be a terrible President. And it turns out he is a much worse at his job than I thought he could.

Deeply corrupt men elevated to the presidency have somehow risen to the job. Chester Arthur is certainly a good example of that. Up to and including when he was Vice President of the United States, he actively controlled a massive pay-to-play network engaging in open bribery and graft.

But when Arthur became President upon the death of James Garfield, he abdicated his corrupt political boss ways and refused to do the bidding of men from whom he had previously accepted bribes and favors.

That is certianly not the case with Trump. The depth of corruption and self-dealing in the White House now is worse than at any time in American history.

Read Robinson's excellent piece. It turns out 2017 was a nightmare with a few happy moments, like the shellacking the GOP faced in the November and December elections. In contrast, 2018 is looking a lot brighter.

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