25 December 2017

Ho Ho Ho!

Whatever holiday you're celebrating, I hope it is merry and memorable and fun. I want to thank you lads (and a few ladies) wherever you are for making the ninth year another fantastic one, with all-time high clicks multiple times in 2017. I won't include a political post today, but I'll be back with one tomorrow!


  1. Happy Holiday (which ever you celebrate if any at all) and Happy New Year

  2. Merry Christmas to you and all your relatives.
    May 2018 be as productive as 2017 was for you.

    From Montreal, Province de Qu├ębec, Canada, I always stop by your wonderful site to be well informed about the politic situation in your country.
    With CNN you are good sources of «non-fake» news.

    All my best for 2018.


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