16 December 2017

Woefully Unqualified

Some time back, Donald Trump nominated Matthew Spencer Petersen to serve on the US District Court for the District of Columbia, where some of the most important federal lawsuits in the country are filed. During his confirmation hearing before the Senate yesterday, Petersen demonstrated how he's woefully unqualified to become a judge, a lifetime appointment (details here).

Peter has never tried a single case in his life in court. He has never even argued a motion, something that very junior lawyers routinely do. It's uncertain if he's ever actually even been inside a courtroom in his life.

As the linked article demonstrates, Petersen was unable to answer even basic questions about the law. One has to wonder how he passed a bar exam with such a woeful lack of legal basics.

It's one thing for a President to nominate incompetent people. It's certainly happened before with other administrations? Remember when George W. Bush nominated his secretary to the Supreme Court (a nomination that was fortunately withdrawn)?

But Trump has done this repeatedly. This is the fourth judge candidate that Trump has nominated who was rated "unqualified" by the American Bar Association.

One has to wonder why Trump is doing this. Is he determined to wreck the federal government by nominating incompetent clowns. If so, why?

If Petersen had any sense of shame, he would withdraw his name. Stay tuned.

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