28 December 2017

The Target

Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who has a job in the West Wing, seems to be increasingly under the microscope as part of both Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation of the President and his associates and a separate investigation being conducted by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn.

Yesterday, The Washington Post broke the story (link here) that federal investigators are currently examining details of a $285 million loan from scandal-plagued Deutsche Bank and Kushner's real estate company made a month before the election last year. Earlier this year, Deutsche Bank coughed up $425 million to settle charges it had engaged in money laundering for Russian organized crime syndicates.

This is not the only federal investigation of Kushner's real estate deals to come out of the Brooklyn federal prosecutor's office. Kushner's company was already being investigated for allegations it was trading American visas for investments in the firm (details here).

Also yesterday, in an unrelated development, veteran investigative reporter Michael Isikoff broke the story that Mueller's criminal investigation is examining whether Kushner and Trump himself, as well as the Republican National Committee (RNC), help Russia use digital trolling to target American voters (link here).

Mueller is reportedly investigating whether Russian troll and bot operations gained assistance from a joint RNC and Trump campaign data operation, which may have been managed by Kushner. Investigators also are digging to see if Russia provided Trump's campaign with voter information stolen by Russian hackers.

It was already known that the Trump campaign's data company had been trying to obtain emails stolen from Hillary Clinton's campaign.

These developments add fuel to speculations that Kushner will be targeted in Mueller's next wave of criminal indictments. Remember, Trump's former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has flipped and is cooperating with prosecutors, which may be the source for this potential evidence.

If Kushner is indicted, seeing how Trump reacts will be critically important and could trigger a constitutional crisis if he tries to intercede. Stay tuned.

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