31 December 2019

84 Days

On Sunday night, the New York Times published a highly detailed, deeply researched and sourced article (link here) about the nearly three month period during which Donald Trump's Ukrainian scandal unfolded. The piece is titled "Behind the Ukraine Aid Freeze: 84 Days of Conflict and Confusion" and with the secondary title of "The inside story of Trump's demand to halt military assistance to an ally shows the price he was willing to pay to carry out his agenda."

Greg Sargent at the Washington Post wrote an excellent, much shorter piece yesterday (link here) breaking down why the Times piece was so important and why it's so damning for Trump and his Republican enablers.

If only have time to read one of these pieces, then I suggest you go with the shorter Sargent story

Unfortunately, neither article will likely move GOP sentiment much on Capitol Hill. But the Sargent piece will hammer home for them the extreme price they will likely pay for their failure to act.

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