22 December 2019

The Champion

Donald Trump has repeatedly cast himself as some great crusader fighting corruption and thus the reason he insisted the Ukrainian government investigate Joe Biden's son, a demand at the heart of his impeachment.

Consider the following description from a 2015 Time magazine article about the business practices at Trump's own "university" (source here):

"The instructors in the $1,495 course told students to fill out forms detailing their personal assets. The ostensible purpose was so that the instructors could counsel them on the best investments. The real purpose, according to court filings, was to ascertain whether they might be targets for the Elite $34,995 up-sell or for less expensive Silver or Gold up-sells. The instructors told their students to contact their credit card companies during a lunch break in order to get their credit limits raised–not so that they could buy properties, as the script said they were to be told, but so that they could charge the mentorship programs to those credit cards."

Now remind us again how Trump is only interested in fighting corruption?

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