16 December 2019

The Most Dangerous Man

Donald Trump's current attorney general William Barr — and the one he'll likely hold on to for the rest of his presidency, however long or short — is his perfect villainous handmaiden. I've always been curious about what exactly makes him tick, because he was not a Trump supporter during the 2016 campaign.

The writer Greg Olear published an excellent piece last Friday (link here) that superbly and thoroughly dissects Barr and why he's so loyal to Trump. The piece is partly titled "The Most Dangerous Man in America."

Trump is surrounded by zealots, true believers, and yes-men, but as Olear makes clear, Barr is in a class by himself. It's like every time he's faced with a choice — the good way or the evil way — he takes the latter.

The linked piece is not long and I highly recommend. Read and share.

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