13 December 2019


If anyone should ever ask you for one single article that would make the best case for impeaching Donald Trump and removing him from office, I heartily recommend a recent piece (link here) by Neal Katyal, a law professor at Georgetown and a former acting Solicitor General for the United States.

His essay is titled "Impeaching Trump Is Imperative to Preserving Our Democracy."

An excerpt:

"If President Trump’s efforts to coerce Ukraine into interfering with American democracy had stayed a secret until the 2020 election — if a whistle-blower hadn’t spoken out — we would have fundamentally, perhaps irrevocably, lost faith in the legitimacy of our republic."

"That is why there is no choice but to impeach and remove Trump: because he was willing to undermine our democracy to help his prospects of re-election; because he has stated, unapologetically, that he would do it again; and most important, because he wielded the powers of his office for personal benefit instead of for the benefit of the people. And a President like that — a President who puts himself over his country — is exactly the kind of Commander in Chief our founders included impeachment in our Constitution to remove."

It's a short and fast read and a fantastic piece. Read and share.

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