27 December 2019

Into the Abyss

The Washington Post published a very disturbing article yesterday (link here) about how the White House essentially has no Russian or Ukrainian expert advisers to the President, and that intelligence assistance is crippled, because of Donald Trump's endless meltdown over his impeachment.

This kind of deficiency seriously threatens America's national security.

Consider this excerpt from the piece:

"The new Russia adviser at the White House — the third in just six months — has no meaningful background on the subject. The only expert on Ukraine has never spoken with President Trump, only been mocked by him publicly."

"The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv will soon be without its highest-ranking diplomat for the second time in a year, as another ambassador departs after being undermined by the U.S. president and his personal attorney."

"The CIA analyst who triggered the impeachment inquiry continues to work on issues relating to Russia and Ukraine, but when threats against him spike — often seemingly spurred by presidential tweets — he is driven to and from work by armed security officers."

If this was happening with a Democratic President, Republicans on Capitol Hill would be beyond apoplectic. That would be demanding impeachment and removal.

Because it's a Republican in the White House, however, they insist everything's fine and that the problem is all with the Democrats.

If this nation is faced with any kind of crisis — a terrorist attack, a major natural disaster, a national security threat — we will only see too late what a catastrophic fuckup as President Trump has turned out to be.

This may not end well but, instead, very, very badly. What a dark place the end of 2019 is turning out to be.

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