27 May 2017

Another Bombshell

The major media outlets have a tendency to release big investigative scoops late on Friday afternoon, and yesterday was no exception. The Washington Post published a bombshell report (link here) about how Donald Trump's son-in-law had a clandestine conversation with the Russian ambassador to set up a secret, secure communications channel between Trump’s team and the Kremlin before the inauguration, using Russian diplomatic personnel to avoid scrutiny by American law enforcement and national security personnel.

Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is already being questioned by the FBI, per media reports earlier in the week, and had a number of secret meetings with Russian officials that he failed to disclose during his security screening process.

Now Trump has repeatedly insisted there was no secret collusion between his campaign and the Russians. Then why was his son-in-law secretly talking to the Russians, in meetings he failed to disclose to federal investigators, and talking about a clandestine communication system meant to escape detection?

You don't have secret talks unless you have secrets to hide.

The Logan Act is a longstanding federal law that provides criminal penalties and prison time for people convicted of unauthorized communications between private citizens and foreign governments in adversarial positions with the United States. This law was passed to prevent exactly the sort of behavior in which Trump's people were engaging.

While Trump is now President and such foreign contacts are allowed, before he was inaugurated, he was still a private citizen bound by the Logan Act, as were members of his family and all of his employees.

As another article in The Washington Post noted (link here), this latest development about "Kushner trying to secretly talk to the Russians is the biggest billow of smoke yet" in the conflagration consuming the Trump administration.


  1. Anonymous04:36

    Ansioso por lo que pueda pasar.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. As one of my American friend had put on his Facebook: "USA of RUSSIA!"

    Seems that "HE" is going against any LAW or ACT that are ruling in USA.
    A little «Russian» way of ruling a country.

    Beginning by his way of screening the «good» or «bad» press and news.

    Now after putting in place his offsprings he is protecting them by overpassing the law.

    Seems from here a sort of «dictature» way of ruling.
    "HE" didn't change his habits of a business man and his not fit to be president and even a politician.

    This is getting very dangerous when you get blind when some of your close administration people is chitchatting with the enemy.
    It'll be funny to see the results of next 2018 elections.... OMG!


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