18 May 2017

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When I toured my house for the first time before I bought it, one of the features I noticed were the floor to ceiling mirrored closet doors in the master bedroom that stretched the entire width of the longer wall. The realtor said something like, "of course you'll want to get rid of these closet doors -- they're so eighties."

I felt like responding "are you out of your fucking mind?" The mirrors are still there.

Mirrors on bedroom walls means you and your lover can watch yourselves fuck. I have always really liked bedroom mirrors and so does my boyfriend. Who cares that mirrored closet doors first became popular in the 1980s?

Gabriel and Carter here clearly understand this kind of thinking. They're obviously very turned on watching themselves suck and fuck in the big mirrors.

Both of these lads have been featured on this blog before. Click here to see Carter's three previous appearances and here to see Gabriel's other performance. All the download links are still active on those posts.

The watermarked originals for these new photos posted today are very large and are part of a collection featuring six different recent hardcore photo sets featuring couples sucking and fucking. To download the complete group with more than two hundred high quality photos, you'll want to click here.

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