31 December 2017

Posh George

This past week, The Daily Beast published a fascinating, detailed article (link here) about "Posh George," an extremely shady convicted felon and money launderer who is connected to Donald Trump, reactionary British ultra-nationalist Nigel Farage, and Russian mobsters.

Given Posh George's background, you'd think Trump and the GOP would be trying to run away from him as fast as possible, but instead they embraced him and brought him into the tent. Farage was personally invited to the 2016 Republican National Convention by Donald Trump as his special VIP guest, and Posh George, who is British, was Farage's stag date and constant companion at the event.

Given Posh George's expertise in money laundering, it's no surprise that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking at him closely as part of his criminal investigation into Trump and his associates. Posh George's plea agreement in his felony conviction likely includes an agreement to cooperate in all future investigations in which he is a party of interest, so Mueller's people have the perfect leverage to get him to tell all.

Throughout this long, sordid Russiagate scandal, it's amazing the number of times Trump has intersected with an international money laundering conspiracy. There's more smoke here than an entire national forest on fire.

You can bet there's more to come on this. Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous03:27

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  2. Anonymous22:12

    Who's the model in this picture may I ask? Do you have any other pictures from this series?

  3. Anonymous09:00

    An innuendo is a hint, insinuation or intimation about a person or thing, especially of a denigrating or a derogatory nature. It can also be a remark or question, typically disparaging (also called insinuation), that works obliquely by allusion....
    He is nothing more than a con man. And a bad one at that. He got caught,


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