11 March 2019

A Whole New Sleazy Scandal

The political magazine Mother Jones broke two important related stories over the weekend (links here and here) that revealed a whole new scandal involving Donald Trump -- that a presidential friend named Cindy Yang was selling White House access to Chinese executives and that Yang has connections to China's government and, possibly, intelligence agencies, too.

Yang and her family own a chain of spas and massage parlors, some of which allegedly serve as fronts for prostitution operations. Trump's good friend and sports team owner Bob Kraft was recently arrested for soliciting sex in one such facility formerly owned by Yang that allegedly serves as a front for a sex trafficking ring.

Yang has circulated photos where she appears with Trump, his family members, and other prominent Republican figures. Both she and her family have made significant five-figure donations to Trump's campaign and also to pro-Trump political action committees.

Per the first linked article: "She runs an investment business that has offered to sell Chinese clients access to Trump and his family. And a website for the business -- which includes numerous photos of Yang and her purported clients hobnobbing at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s private club in Palm Beach -- suggests she had some success in doing so."

Per the second linked article: "National security experts noted that this situation could pose a threat, presenting opportunities for espionage or blackmail targeting the President and his inner circle. They expressed concern the Yang’s efforts to broker interactions with Trump and his clan could be exploited by Chinese intelligence."

One has to wonder if American intelligence officials have warned Trump about Yang already. Given how he demeans the intelligence services in full public view, it would not be surprising if he refused to even consider such warnings. This sort of blissful ignorance by the President thus serves to encourage even more aggressive intelligence operations by foreign nationals who do not have America's best interests at heart.

Hopefully this scummy new scandal will generate investigatory attention on Capitol Hill. This is something to watch.

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