26 March 2019

Release the Report

Media coverage of the Mueller report has been extensive today. The President and his administration have been crowing about how it's a total vindication, even though it's clear from the Attorney General's very brief summary that it's nothing of the kind. As well, the White House hasn't even seen the report itself.

What's clear to nearly everyone is that the four-page subjective summary released on Sunday is not satisfactory to the American people. According to survey results released yesterday, 87 percent of all Americans and 80 percent of Republicans want the full report released (details here).

Lawfare published an excellent piece (link here) about how the short summary is completely missing all the shading and details in the full report. It could vindicate Trump and his people or it could describe behavior that was deeply dangerous to the nation but stopped short of prosecutable crimes.

This can all be resolved by releasing the full report with necessary redactions for national security reasons and to protect ongoing prosecutions. Without the full report in the hands of the American people, the whole thing ends up looking like a coverup.

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