13 June 2020


Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all ran for President when the opposite party held the White House. There was a common thread to each of their campaign messages — you need me and my party to fix this current mess.

Indeed, David Corn at the political magazine Mother Jones summarized Donald Trump's message in an excellent column (link here) as follows: "there’s only one way to stop the end of civilization: reelect Donald J. Trump as President."

Trump is, essentially, repackaging the arguments made by candidates Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama. Trump's message, however, is flatly illogical.

Why so? As already noted, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama ran when the other party was in charge.

Trump, however, is already in charge. His message is essentially: "only I can fix the mess I allowed to happen — or was powerless to stop." He is, essentially, trying to run on an anti-incumbent message when he is the actual incumbent.

If only he could fix this mess, why isn't it done already? Why did he let things get as bad as he claims they are?

Of course, the crisis Trump is pretending is happening is wildly, wildly exaggerated. If you listen to Trump and the media friendly to him, they make it sound like the country is in the midst of a civil war. The reality is that a lot of people are protesting peacefully and a small handful of people were looting and that has almost entirely been tamped out.

Between Trump's gross mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis to the economic meltdown currently under way, he can not run on his abysmal record. So he's fabricating a crisis, fanning the flames as best he can, and then trying to tell us he's the only one who can put out the fire he started.

Don't fall for his lies. He needs to be replaced on Election Day and to lose by a massive margin. Make it happen by volunteering today.

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