09 June 2020

QAnon Redux

I've written here twice before about QAnon, a bizarre cult that views Donald Trump as some kind of messiah plus scores of other idiotic conspiracy theories. The whole thing makes sense only to those who have separated from the realm of rationality.

The Atlantic magazine's June cover story (link here) presents a deep dive into QAnon. It's not a short piece but I highly recommend a read because it reveals the type of people attracted to Trump.

You can't make people unbelieve stupid things, but you can discourage them from doing so to set an example for others. Trump, however, does not try to tell people that he's not a messiah. As the piece reveals, he encourages it and even gives secret hand signals and coded remarks to stir them up. That is disgusting and shows the sort of craven depths Trump will stoop to be adored.

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