19 June 2020


John Bolton's scorching book about Donald Trump is not yet available but the author is already giving a blitz of interviews in advance of its planned publication next week. Arguably, the most biting so far was for ABC yesterday (link here and here), which are excerpts from a longer interview that will run next week.

Bolton said at various times during yesterday's segment that:

— Trump is not "fit for [the] office" of the presidency.

— He lacks "the competence to carry out the job."

— He is "stunningly uninformed," ignorant of basic facts about history and foreign relations, and easily manipulated by foreign adversaries.

— He only cares about photo ops when meeting with foreign leaders and cares little about advancing America's national security or foreign policy goals.

— When it comes to meeting with North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un, Trump placed "considerable emphasis on the photo opportunity and the press reaction to it and little or no focus on what such meetings did for the bargaining position of the United States."

— As for Trump's overall philosophy, Bolton said "there really isn't any guiding principle that I was able to discern other than what's good for Donald Trump's reelection. He was so focused on the reelection that longer-term considerations fell by the wayside." And, Bolton is "hard-pressed to identify any significant Trump decision during my tenure that wasn't driven by re-election calculations."

Hopefully American voters are paying attention to these revelations and are more inspired than ever to vote Trump out of office on November third.

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