17 June 2020

The Collaborators

The July/August 2020 cover story for The Atlantic magazine (link here) is titled "History Will Judge the Complicit" and with a secondary title of "Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president?"

The piece is a really excellent analysis of Trump himself, the cult aspect of Trumpism, as well as those Republicans who enable the President by refusing to speak out even though they would like to. The article is particularly relevant in light of the Supreme Court's ruling on Monday in the LGBT employment rights case.

Republicans who don't like Trump nonetheless support him because they believe the ends justify the means, that Trump will nominate conservative justices and judges who will uphold conservative ideals. Except we saw on Monday, in a landmark case, there's no guarantee that will happen.

So the whole basis for supporting Trump is revealed to be a sham. Will Republicans now start to peel away from Trump?

I will not deny that the article is not short. If you'd rather listen to it in an audio version like a recorded book, read by a professional actor, you can download it for free in its entirety here.

I've now read this article twice through and highly recommend it. It's a brilliant piece.

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