26 June 2020

Spiking and Sinking

While coronavirus infection rates have dropped in parts of the United States, like in the Northeast, they're spiking to historic new heights elsewhere in the country, particularly in the sunbelt. Indeed, the U.S. had 36,880 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, the highest single-day total ever. And, there are no quick fixes to get the rate down quickly (details here).

Donald Trump, idiotically, continues to repeat the absurd claim that the numbers remain elevated because of testing (details here). In his crippled brain, if you don't test, then you don't have the virus. That's like saying you can't have a fever if you don't take your temperature.

Indeed, Trump is back to peddling the lie that the virus will go away all by itself soon (details here). He seems to realize his dishonesty is the reason why his support has cratered in polls, yet he seems incapable of changing course (details here).

It's like every day he's determined to show how incapable he is of being President or of changing for the better. His ship is sinking yet he seems to think he can still sell pleasure cruises on it.

November 3 can't get here fast enough.

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