27 June 2020

The Puppet

Yesterday afternoon, the New York Times broke the extraordinary news (link here) that Russia has been paying bounties to Afghan militants who kill American soldiers. That reporting was confirmed later in the day by the Wall Street Journal.

Donald Trump and his administration have known about this for more than three months.

And they've done nothing.

Wait. That's not quite true.

Trump invited Putin and Russia back into the G-7 after he learned they were funding the murder of American troops.

This has been a hell of a week for Trump. First came the news that Chinese spies have donated hundreds of thousand to his campaign and landed exclusive White House access as a result.

Then came the news that coronavirus infections in the US have spiked to an all-time high while Trump continues to pretend that the matter is all but solved.

And now we learn that he did nothing to punish Russia for killing American soldiers, except to send them an invitation to join the economic elite of G-7.

Hillary Clinton accused Trump of being Putin's puppet back in 2016. And now we know she was right.

Throw this on the growing heap of reasons why Trump must not be reelected in November.

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