28 June 2020


Of late, few places are more slavishly pro-Donald Trump than the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. But it wasn't always that way.

Early in the 2016 campaign, before most of the field dropped out, the WSJ was bullish on several mainstream GOP candidates and stridently anti-Trump. With time, when it became more clear that Trump had become a serious contender who could end up being the nominee, the Journal softened its stance. It still criticized him but also highlighted some things they liked, notably when he parroted traditional pro-GOP talking points.

Once Trump would clearly be the nominee, the newspaper underwent a transition about a month in length. The criticisms became fewer and fewer. And the effusive praise grew more and more. Since he became President, that trend has continued. The paper even brought in several new columnists who do nothing but write adoring pieces about their Dear Leader.

Thus, it was rather startling this week to see the normally pro-Trump op-ed pages feature a house editorial written by the opinion editors that harshly slams the President (link here). Yes, they still have a few mash notes contained in the piece, but it's largely very negative.

Are they seeing the writing on the wall? Is this a sign of a Republican movement beginning to peel away from Trump? It's too early to tell, but if he loses big, then the self-divorce will be messy and ugly and bloody.

We can all make sure this happens by working hard to ensure that Trump is soundly defeated on November third. Help make Trump the US's thirteenth single-term President.

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