02 February 2019


Donald Trump has been in a snit all week because the CIA director and the national intelligence director happened to contradict many of the President's claims in their annual yearly threat assessment before Congress.

As is typical, Trump took his grudge public, on Twitter and elsewhere. The President, who has no intelligence background and who barely reads, somehow thinks he knows more than the intelligence professionals who have spent their entire professional careers in the business.

Now comes word that Trump has cancelled the all-important daily intelligence briefing with CIA and other national security agencies (details here and here). The daily intelligence briefing is the critically necessary meeting where the heads of the various intelligence services review with the President all threats to the country that have crossed their monitoring.

So simply because Trump had his nose bent out of shape by professionals who know intimately more than he, he's decided to be kept deliberately in the dark about national security matters. This sort of petty, puerile behavior shows how Trump is total unfit for the presidency, where the office holder must put the nation before self interests.

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