17 February 2019

The Mystery Investigation

The news in the latter part of this week was dominated by the budget deal as well as Donald Trump's potentially unconstitutional emergency powers order.

Pushed more to the background was the stunning news that Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign chair, was found to have lied to federal prosecutors about campaign contacts with a Kremlin-connected Russian (details here).

Of course, this raises the question of why Trump's people consistently find it's necessary to lie to cover their tracks, even after they've been charged with federal crimes. Are they doing this in anticipation of a pardon or are they doing this to hide some crime involving the President or a member or members of his family?

Buried in the Washington Post piece linked above about Manafort is this tidbit: "[Manafort] made false statements that were material to another Justice Department investigation whose focus has not been described in public filings." This explains why some of the recent Manafort hearings have been closed to the public and the record sealed.

So who is this mystery individual -- or individuals -- under investigation and facing possible indictment. Trump's son? His son-in-law? His daughter? Hopefully, time will tell and soon.

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