23 February 2019

Silence Is Not Golden

This week, a Coast Guard lieutenant was arrested for planning a murderous mass attack targeting prominent journalists and Democratic politicians. The authorities seized his cache of weapons, military grade explosives, and more.

A search of the suspect's computer history revealed how he read various terrorist manifestos and also researched past mass terror attacks. And this search also revealed the suspect was worried about the possible impeachment of Donald Trump and investigations into the President's actions and affairs.

Given the success of law enforcement in stopping any possible attack, you'd expect Trump would be trying to make political hay with this. But instead, there's been stone cold silence from the White House.

Could it be because the arrest involved yet another unhinged Trump supporter?

Or because the suspect is yet another unstable individual who seems to have taken the President's rantings about witch hunts and media enemies of the people to heart?

Or could it be because it is yet another example of how easy it is for an unstable individual to amass many powerful firearms?

Quite possibly, the answer could be all of the above.

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