26 February 2019

Delusional or Dishonest?

Last Friday, Donald Trump spoke briefly to reporters in the Oval Office. In the course of the exchange, he made the following comment about his campaign's contacts with Russia:

There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. There was no anything.... There was no phone calls, no nothing. We have a – I won a race. You know why I won the race? Because I was a better candidate than she was. And it had nothing to do with Russia...

As Rachel Maddow's staff noted in a brief article about his comments (link here), this part of his comments was particularly ludicrous because he's either lying or deeply confused: "There was no phone calls, no nothing."

There were more than a hundred documented contacts between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin or its emissaries. This has been repeatedly confirmed by both his campaign staff and even by his son. The evidence of these contacts is voluminous.

Trump was basically repeating a widely debunked lie that both he and his staff have made repeatedly.

That leaves us with a few questions. Is Trump so delusional and/or addled that he completely forgot all of these contacts? Or is he so fundamentally dishonest that he will blithely lie when everyone in the room knows he's lying.

Whatever the answers, we should never be in a position to be even asking such questions about a sitting President. We should not have to decide if the President is nuts or a crook.

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