28 February 2019

The Big Day

Coverage of Donald Trump's former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen appearing before the House Oversight Committee yesterday is voluminous and ongoing. I won't try to summarize it all here for you.

Check the New York Times and Washington Post websites and read via a free proxy like Hide.me (link here) or your browser's incognito mode to circumvent any paywall -- both newspapers published a lot of excellent coverage and commentary yesterday that will likely continue through the week.

Republicans on the committee spent much of their time trying to discredit Cohen's veracity, noting he has lied to Congress before. But he brought documentary proof of his most important charges.

Most interesting, not one single Republican on the committee sought to defend Trump, something columnist David Frum noted in a piece yesterday (link here). And given only one of the three days Cohen is appearing before Congress is public, potentially the best parts of his testimony remain unknown to most of us (details here).

The biggest potential shocker of the day was Cohen's revelation that there's a previously unknown secret investigation of Trump being conducted by the US Attorney's office and federal agents affiliated with the Southern District of New York (details here). Hopefully we'll soon learn more what that's about.

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