24 February 2019

Six Essential Cons

The Washington Post published an absolutely excellent piece on Friday (link here) about how, throughout his career, Donald Trump has used cons repeatedly in his business. And now, as President, he's still using cons.

They are:

1. To borrow billions, Trump lies to inflate his net worth.

2. To avoid taxes, Trump lies to deflate his net worth.

3. To be a winner, Trump makes losers of those he does business with.

4. To win in politics, Trump makes voters believe that his presidency benefits them.

5. To avoid accountability, Trump makes the media, and truth, the "enemy of the people."

6. To stoke fear, Trump recasts perpetrators as victims.

The first two on this list involve actions that could be crimes and thus prosecuted. The last three hopefully are working on fewer and fewer people.

Read the linked article. It's well worth your time.

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