27 December 2011

The Cyclist

I don't know if cycling with a woody is the best idea ever. What if you took a tumble and landed on your cock? That could be extremely painful. Maybe that's why Patrick Leoni's boner here is a little curved -- he's already fallen on it once before. Watching naked cyclists, nonetheless, is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    I'm sure it's just me, but Patrick does absolutely nothing for me. I can't exactly figure out why...

  2. Anonymous12:54

    Oh yeah, I like the looks of that slab of curved man meat, I bet he hit's the "button" of both women and men with that angle... and to boot, he has a great man ass...


  3. Anonymous02:33

    This guy's extremely HOT. He's from G-Online, which does great fantasies and stuff!!! Really hot!

  4. Anonymous07:23

    He probably removed the dildo from the seat prior to the photo shoot.

  5. Anonymous10:51

    Call me old fashioned, but I like it when a cock looks me straight in the eye. It shows respect.

    Whenever I see a dick looking down or off to the side, I get suspicious. I think, "That cock is up to no good."

    A few minutes with me, and I'll straigten it out. We'll be seeing eye to eye in no time.

    Leo G.

  6. Anonymous11:23

    I totally agree, SJ. He has a gorgeous bod, and I'm loving the curve! I can't figure out why Scott doesn't like him - he's very appealing!


  7. I just like the red shirt, the rest is mediocre at best, and less than believable.


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