23 December 2011


I'm wondering if any of you know who the model might be and/or where this photo set originally appeared. If you know anything, please make note in the comments. I've seen several others from the same set and may have even featured them on this blog way back somewhere. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous06:25

    If I were an analyst, I would say that this fellow suffers (as many of us do) from a complex duality of personalities. He is too shy to show his face but not shy enough to take off his pants, put on cowboy boots, and show his junk to the world. He is not alone. We want the world to see our dicks, the most private parts of us, but we do not want the world to know our identities, the most public parts of us.

    All that being said, this guy is hot. And if I may be so bold, he has nothing to be shy about.

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous10:39

    You can do a reverse image search with a website called "tineye" or Google has a reverse image search if you just go to google images and you'll see a little camera on the right side of the search bar, you can upload an image from your computer or upload an image link from a website. I'd do it for you myself but I'm on my iPhone and can't do it.

    Hope that helps you out!

  3. Anonymous03:02

    sorry, no idea ... but he sure is HOT!!!

  4. Anonymous12:03

    Judging from the pose, the boots, the model and the lighting, I'd guess it's one of Justin Monroe's - justinmonroe.com


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