03 November 2018

An Inconvenient Truth

As a closing argument for why one should vote for Republicans, Donald Trump tweeted about convicted cop killer Luis Bracamontes, blaming Democrats for allowing him in the country and also allowing him to stay (details here).

Bracamontes was an illegal immigrant during Bill Clinton's presidency but no one "allowed" him to come in. When he was arrested for drug possession, he was turned over to federal authorities and deported.

He then sneaked back into the country and was arrested once more. But then he was released by Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a strong Trump supporter who the President also pardoned for a criminal conviction.

So the opposite of what Trump claimed is true -- he was deported by a Democrat and later freed by a Republican Trump supporter.

This is how Trump lies. He stands up and spews out lie after lie after lie. His closing tour of rallies have been filled with a long parade of lies like this. He can't run on his record. He can only run on lies.

Disgraceful. Tuesday is election day. You need to vote if you haven't already voted early.

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