22 November 2018

The Committee

The Daily Beast reported a story yesterday (link here) about how the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee is hiring money-laundering and forensic accounting experts to dig deep into Donald Trump's financial history, particularly his dealings with admitted money launderer Deutsche Bank.

That made me want to stand up and applaud. This is why all of us volunteered during this year's midterms. This was what we voted for -- time to hold Trump accountable.

The outgoing GOP-controlled House committees and the incoming Democratic-controlled committees will be as different as night and day. Under the Republicans, the House used its muscle to cover up for Trump. Now it's a completely different story.

To everyone who voted and volunteered to make the Blue Wave happen, thank you. Thank you for your faith in America and the rule of law. Thank you for your optimism in the face of so much negativity.

I have a feeling 2019 will be a much better year than the last two, thanks in large part to our new, muscular House of Representatives, once more the People's House.

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