06 November 2018

Do You Need a Ride to Vote Today?

There are many resources available to you today for a free or reduced-fare ride to your polling place. NBC and USA Today both published handy guides (links here and here) to the many ways you can ride to the polls today.

If you can't take advantage of any of these free and reduced-price offers -- particularly if you're in a more suburban or rural location -- call your local Democratic Party office and ask if they're keeping a list of people who need rides to the polls. I'll be doing that all day today here in California.

Many more rural and suburban party offices have teams of volunteers driving people to the polls today. If you're in a place with a statewide campaign, like in Texas with Beto O'Rourke or Georgia with Stacey Abrams, chances are they'll also have volunteers giving people rides to and from the polling place.

If all else fails, ask a neighbor to give you a lift. Chances are at least one of them won't have voted yet and will be happy to give you a ride.

Don't fail to vote! America is depending on you!

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