08 November 2018

Threats and Counter-Threats

Yesterday, the day after the midterms, Donald Trump fired Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General (details here).

Coincidentally or not, this came the same time the story broke that Trump's son, Don Jr., as made it known he expects to be indicted by Robert Mueller, who leads the criminal investigation into the President and his associates (details here).

Sessions' departure means Mueller's investigation will be overseen by the acting Attorney General, whom Trump named yesterday -- Matthew Whitaker, Sessions chief of staff. This means Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, will no longer be supervising the Mueller investigation.

This is a potentially troubling development because Whitaker has publicly criticized the Mueller investigation in the past and has said it has gone "too far" (details here). He also said last year that a future attorney general could curb the Mueller investigation by cutting the budget "so low that his investigations grinds to almost a halt" (details here).

Key Democrats in Congress once again warned Trump -- and now Whitaker -- not to attempt to derail the Mueller investigation (details here). And now, thanks to their winning control of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, they have the muscle to back up their threats.

As The Hill reported late yesterday (link here): "Top Democrats in the House are reportedly planning to invite Robert Mueller to testify on Capitol Hill in televised hearings if President Trump takes action to fire the special counsel and shut down the Russia investigation."


This is a potentially a fast-developing story so definitely stay tuned.

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