14 November 2018

Backfiring Spectacularly

Politico published a good article yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump's attempt to appoint acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is already backfiring spectacularly less than a week after he was named.

One of Whitaker's responsibilities, at least for the time being, is overseeing Robert Mueller's criminal investigation of the President and his associates. Many fear Whitaker will attempt to interfere with that process.

But as the article makes clear, Whitaker is already on the defense and may end up recusing himself from any involvement in the investigation, a move that would surely enrage Trump, who imploded after the recently departed Attorney General did the same thing.

The piece also notes how Trump's White House is pretty much standing by now and allowing Whitaker to twist in the wind. All signs point to the fact that things will only get worse for him.

As well, the State of Maryland filed suit yesterday in federal court, seeking an emergency injunction to have Whitaker's appointment invalidated.

It all looks like, once again, after Trump tried to one-up his opponents, it ended up blowing up in his face. It couldn't happen to anyone more deserving.

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