26 November 2018


On Friday, when much of America was hungover from the Thanksgiving holiday or out shopping, Donald Trump's administration quietly released an enormously comprehensive report mandated by Congress that says, point blank, that climate change will cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars per year in the near future and will kill thousand of Americans annually (details here and here).

The report is directly contradicted by Trump who has long claimed climate change is a "Chinese hoax" and that the climate will soon change back, both allegations made with utterly no proof.

As for the study, Trump and his people are hoping you won't notice it. They released it as required by law and will now promptly ignore it (details here).

That can be countered by sharing news of the report far and wide. The whole thing is available online for free (link here).

The next time Trump makes one of his trademark wacky climate claims, the report can be thrown back in his face. How can he deny the findings of his own government's agencies?

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