30 November 2018

Turning up the Heat

For the last four days, Donald Trump has been ranting and raving on Twitter about the criminal investigation into him, his business, his campaign, and his associates. With the perspective of developments in the last twenty-four hours, that rage tweeting is looking like he's panicking.

Early yesterday morning came word that Trump's former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to additional charges of lying to Congress about Trump's business practices in Russia (details here). It turns out Trump was still trying to get his Trump Tower Moscow approved at the same time he was running for President and that he was trying to meet with Vladimir Putin himself about it, which directly contradicts the lies Trump has told about his Russian dealings.

Then the media began reporting an interesting revelation that had surfaced. At the same time that Trump confidant Roger Stone was in contact with Wikileaks, which was provided stolen Democratic emails from Russian spies, Trump was talking to him on a phone with a blocked number (details here). What were they talking about?

Later in the morning, federal agents raided the offices of a Chicago alderman and lawyer who had handled Trump's tax matters in the windy city for more than a decade (details here). The office windows were hastily papered over by agents so that the media couldn't see what was going on. What did they take in the raid?

Then came word from Germany that federal agents there had raided offices of Deutsche Bank, the only institution that still will lend money to the frequently bankrupt Trump (details here). What were they looking for and did they find it?

This flurry of activity has fueled speculation that Mueller will drop more indictments very soon. Something big seems to be going on. Stay tuned.

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