10 May 2018


Yesterday, the media was all over Monday's revelations about Donald Trump's fixer Michael Cohen receiving secret payments from a Kremlin-connected Russian oligarch. That shocker has led to further revelations, including:

The drug company Novartis paid Cohen $1.2 million to "help" Trump shape healthcare policy (details here).

Telecommunications giant AT&T paid as much as $600,000 to Cohen for "insights" from the Trump administration at a time when two major corporate issues were pending government consent (details here).

Korea Aerospace paid $150,000 to Cohen at the same time a $16.3 billion defense contract was pending at the Pentagon (details here).

Details about these three companies' payments to Cohen were first revealed by Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing pornstar Stormy Daniels, Trump's alleged mistress. They have been independently confirmed by the media and the three companies themselves.

Avenatti has released a dossier about various susicious transactions involving Cohen and Trump as well as detailing possible crimes one or both of them have possibly committed (link here). Avenatti has promised he has more Cohen/Trump bombshells that have yet to be made public.

Definitely stay tuned.

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