09 May 2018

Late Breaking

A number of media outlets broke the story last night that Donald Trump's private attorney and fixer received more than $1 million after the 2016 election directly from a Russian oligarch closely connected to Vladimir Putin (details here, here, here, and here).

This was shortly after Cohen paid $130,000 in hush money to Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who alleges she had an adulterous affair with Trump shortly after the birth of his last child. Cohen had to borrow from a line of credit to pay the money to Daniels, and then received the money from the Russian oligarch only a few days later.

The money was paid to Daniels so she would not talk about any affair with Trump before the election.

So now the question many are asking, including almost certainly Robert Mueller: Was the money from the Kremlin-connected Russian oligarch funding the Storm Daniels hush money?

Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous07:17

    This is highly troubling. It isn't just a Russian oligarch who is paying money into this slush fund. It seems that is the only word to describe what this is, since many of the projects that Cohen is being paid to do he is highly unqualified for. Plus it seems that he doesn't actually do anything after getting these payments. Can you imagine what Congress would be saying now if a Democratic president had been involves with something like this? Unfortunately Trumps popularity is rising.

  2. With «45's» over 3 000 lies since he's in office, what can be expected of lies made before the inauguration?

    The Russian path is like a nose in the middle of the face that you have to be blind or a fool not to see it.

    After these latest news, Cohen and Trumpty Dumpty can no more lie about the source of all that huge money.

    Double faced president is always showing his lack of awareness of any situations. Even his new lawyer, Giuliani, is fucking up a even more fucked up situation and Trumpty Dumpty is still excusing him no matter what is said in medias.

    When even «Fuck News» are embarrassed with it, what is much to think about this clownesque situations.

    Did not drain the swamp but added more shit in it.

  3. Great photo. So many hints about what can be revealed.


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