12 May 2018

Trapped in 1969

This week, the Trump White House released some photos of an official event hosted by Donald Trump's wife and daughter to promote job opportunities for, to use their phrase, "military spouses." If you look at some of the photographs (examples here and here), hopefully some observations will come to mind rather quickly.

This event is about promoting opportunities for military spouses, but every single participant is a woman. With one lone exception, every participant is white.

People of color make up about 45 percent of the American military today. Where were their spouses? Where were the husbands of those serving in the military, husbands of women and husbands of men?

Official events for military spouses are considered "command performance" when they're at the White House. Short of illness or a death in the family, all military spouses will show up. This event was white women only because they were the only ones invited by the Trump White House.

Trump himself seems forever trapped in 1969. His attitudes toward women, LGBTs, and people of color are like something from 1969. His ideas about industry, technology, science, and the arts are trapped in 1969. Even his behavior as President is trapped in 1969, as he tries repeatedly to out-Nixon Nixon.

There are so many ways the Trump Administration is reprehensible, and this overt racism and sexism is yet another example.

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  1. Well said!
    «45» is again showing his retarded mind stuck in the 60's.
    Nothing has changed and looking to the «Hidden Figures» movie just gives the real state of «Trumpty Dumpty's» way of thinking.

    The way he has treated women in his past and ALL he badly said of many people give the real «smallness» of this man.

    The latest is how he spoke about Senator McCain is so outrageous that I cannot even imagine how so many «d├ęplorables» still support this monster.

    HE is a spoiled child in a old body and his mental health is to be seriously investigated.

    With Pence, so religious man, those two are a disgrace to USA.


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