30 May 2018


Last night, The New York Times broke the startling story (link here) that, in March 2017, Donald Trump ordered the attorney general to reverse his recusal from the Russia investigation because he wanted a "loyalist" to oversee the process.

This potential obstruction of justice, as well as numerous subsequent Trump attacks on the attorney general, plus attempts to get him to resign, are being probed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who leads the criminal investigation into the President and his associates.

As the Times piece notes, this reveals that the potential obstruction of justice investigation of Trump is wider than previously believed and is not only focusing on the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

It is indeed curious how Trump repeatedly and loudly insists he and his team broke no laws and committed no crimes, yet time after time he has tried to block any investigations into his campaign and administration.

Are these the actions of an innocent man? If no crimes were committed, you'd think he'd be inviting federal officials to investigate as much as they wanted, knowing the outcome would clear him.

But when you work so hard to derail investigations, you're telegraphing that you know and are afraid about what they might uncover.

Innocent men don't try to obstruct justice.

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