17 May 2018

Straight-Up Bribery?

Slate published a detailed, heavily sourced article yesterday (link here) with the provocative title "It’s Amazing How Many Countries Appear to Be Trying to Bribe Our President Right Now."

The piece provides significant sourced detail about dubious and suspicious activity between Donald Trump and no fewer than eight foreign countries, each involving separate sets of transactions. This is a great article to forward to Trump supporters you know who insist "there's no proof" that the President is involved in deeply troublesome and possibly illegal behavior.

If only one of these incidents were true, that should be a scandal in itself that would bring down a normal politician. But given the tidal wave of Trump scandals, it just seems overwhelming at times.

Trump supporters blindly support him, no matter what. Republicans in Congress turn the other way and pretend not to see what's right in front of them. Democrats and Independents grow more and more angry, and more and more saturated by all the scandals.

The time is soon coming where we can all say "enough is enough." That day will be Tuesday, November 6, the date of the midterm elections. Donate if you can and volunteer as well, particularly if you're unable to send contributions.

Americans can take back this country. Don't miss this opportunity.

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