13 May 2018

The Bitter Truth

Conor Friedersdorf is far from my favorite writer at The Atlantic, but on occasion he writes an excellent article. He did that again this week with his superb piece (link here) titled "It’s Time for Trump Voters to Face the Bitter Truth" and with the subhead "Republicans elected a President who promised to take on D.C. -- instead, Trump has presided over an extraordinary auction of access and influence."

The premise is straightforward. The writer lists numerous examples of Donald Trump's lies and broken promises. That leaves a rhetorical inquiry -- when will Trump's voters finally wake up to the fact they were conned?

Near the end, he concludes with this powerful wake-up all: "Trump’s behavior is hurting America––and that he won’t change until his supporters demand a higher standard. If the GOP base persists in blinding itself to the unethical people who trade on their relationships with the current president, America will continue to be sold out by the very faction that swore it would make it great again."

Great stuff. Share this article with every Trump supporter you know.


  1. This article is a real knocker BUT not sure the «real d├ęplorables 45's base voters» can even understand it or even could read it.

    Surely that they'll tell you this is «fake news».

    With all what came out last week about the Russian oligarch and big money transfers, company funding Cohen etc, etc. you have to be blind not to see that money is the lead for Mueller.

    USA is not being «Greater» but is showing how only money counts and that human values are let behind.

    USA's people are suffering of all those bad decisions of this retrograde administration made by early 20th century ideology.

  2. Anonymous05:15

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