31 May 2018


Missouri's scandal-plagued, Trump-supporting Republican governor resigned abruptly on Tuesday after less than two years in office (details here). He was ensnared in multiple controversies and facing impeachment.

All in all, his problems and controversies were a lot smaller than Donald Trump's. But at least the governor took the honorable path and stepped down for the good of his state.

Missouri's Republican state legislators also showed a courage that's been all but lacking in GOP members of Congress in Washington. In Missouri, they weren't afraid to impeach a chief executive from their own party -- they put the good of their citizenry before political party.

Resignation is the usual route for politicians caught up in scandals that won't go away. The best example, of course, is Richard Nixon.

In all honesty, no matter how bad things get, I have a bad feeling Trump would never voluntarily resign, no matter how much is eventually exposed. His ego wouldn't allow it, I don't think, and he also wouldn't want to let go of his pardon power, which he may want to spare his children from criminal prosecution.

The only solution is to impeach and remove from office. If that does not happen, then hopefully Democrats will take control of at least one house of Congress. That's why volunteering for a campaign and voting this November are both so critically important.

The power to save this democracy rests in our hands.

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