25 June 2018


On Friday, the New York Times published a superb article with a so-so title (link here) about how Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to make "big, beautiful deals" for the United States that would be far superior than any of his predecessors.

In reality, however, he's hardly made any substantive deals at all.

The piece succinctly lists all the major deals Trump promised to make that haven't happened in the year and a half he's been in office: "No deal on immigration. No deal on health care. No deal on gun control. No deal on spending cuts. No deal on Nafta. No deal on China trade. No deal on steel and aluminum imports. No deal on Middle East peace. No deal on the Qatar blockade. No deal on Syria. No deal on Russia. No deal on Iran. No deal on climate change. No deal on Pacific trade."

This is so entirely typical for Trump -- all talk, no results. When you do this over and over and over again, it's more than just over-promising and under-delivering because you know you can't deliver what you vowed to do.

It's just another example of a big lie from Trump. He wants to be judged on his promises. He should always be graded on his results, and once again, he deserves a big, fat F for "flunked."

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