24 June 2018

Unindicted Conspirators

Buried well in an NBC report this week (link here) was a reminder of a fact in plain sight: some key figures in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign have never been interviewed by investigators working for Robert Mueller, who's conducting the criminal investigation into the President and his associates.

That very well might mean they're likely to be indicted.

This rogue's galley includes:

(1) Brad Parscale, Trump's 2016 digital media director and his 2020 campaign manager.

(2) Roger Stone, Trump's friend of many decades who appears to have been one of the conduits in the chain of cutouts between the campaign and the Kremlim.

(3) Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer and fixer. As everyone knows, the FBI has already raided Cohen's office and seized an enormous trove of documents that a federal court has held are not protected by attorney-client privilege.

(4) Don Junior, Trump's oldest son and a conduit between the campaign and Russia on more than one occasion.

If one or more of these people are indicted and arrested, particularly anyone but Cohen, that could send Trump into a meltdown of the likes we haven't seen before. And if that triggers him to grant preemptive pardons, that would trigger a full-scale constitutional crisis.

Definitely stay tuned.

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