18 June 2018

Johnny on the Spot

This lad, who is topping in all but the last shot and goes by Johnny in porn world, broke into the business late last year with a jerkoff shoot. He's done about a shoot a month since then, usually as a bottom but sometimes in versatile roles.

He appears to be quite tall and is taller than his sexual partner(s) in nearly all the scenes he's done. Neither of the studios where he's done work released any information about him, but one of the lads with whom he was paired is said to be 6'2, and Johnny appears to be an inch or two taller.

He looks like many tall blokes do whilst naked -- long, lean, with wide shoulders, and a cock that is larger than their big frame would make it seem. If someone gave Johnny a hairstyle makeover, he might blossom into a real hunk. Nonetheless, he's fun to watch fuck or be fucked.

The photos below are much larger in their originals and part of a large collection featuring nearly five hundred images from eight shoots with Johnny fucking and getting fucked. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you need to click here.

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