07 June 2018

Garage Shag

DJ is washing his car in the garage when he catches a neighbor kid, home from his first year of college, watching his ass under his snug shorts as he bends to clean the tires.

"Hey kid," he calls over his shoulder to the lad. "Come in here in a minute. I need you for a few seconds."

His heart in his throat, Sherman approaches the object of his desires, stepping to within two feet of the older shirtless man. Suddenly, DJ reaches up to the garage door opener, taps a button, and the door closes quickly.

"So enough of you lurking around outside staring at my crotch and my ass," DJ says in a forceful tone. "You'll suck me and then I'll fuck you. Sound good?"

Sherman's face is burning as he continues blushing fiercely. But when the older man grabs him and pulls him in for a kiss, he does not resist.

"I won't be your boyfriend, but I will be your fuckbuddy," DJ says as he pushes Sherman to his knees where he stares at the older man's big hardening cock straining at his shorts. "Now open your mouth and learn how to suck a real man's cock."

If DJ looks familiar, he was featured here last month topping another lad.

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